Saturday, 31 January 2009

This will be the last time...

The deck and layback are complete except for a few strips that have had to be added , and a wee splice on the hull where it was damaged when I scraped it over a ladder. 

Do you like my little Devil horns?!!

This is the last time you will see the boat 'au naturelle'; the epoxy and glass has arrived so it's all [West] Systems go... 


BG! said...

It's looking good, Doc. Those horns - you must make a feature of them. Bright red stain, perhaps?

Grazie said...

I believe the epoxy bit aint much fun! What are your plans for hatch covers? Looking forward to seeing it on the water.

Dr Blug said...

I started the epoxy today by rollering on a seal coat.
It isn't like maple syrup. It's like golden syrup, even though its been in a warming cabinet for 2 days.

I had already made up the plates for the bulkheads, and used these to practice laying some glass cloth down to get the feel how the the resin works. so far so good.

For hatches, I will probably go for a rectangular oval if you know what I mean, as it is stronger than a squared off/trapezoid design, as you are not cutting along a strip, rather across a lot.

I have found a source of 1/2 round closed cell neoprene which I am going to use for the seal, with a bungee system holding the hatches on from inside the boat.

I am, however debating whether to fit a Kayaksport day hatch.

Also; a fixed bulkhead/footrest or adjustable rails?
The skeg is already here, a Karitek wired version.