Thursday, 1 January 2009

January 1st ..could be better..

Well there was a twist, it was a holiday, so I took drastic action. 
I de- stapled back to the 4th form, and cut thru the strongback and removed the bow stem. The mdf had warped, and using a trusty
piece of string I reckoned the bow was out just over an inch. [this is over a kayak 17'6''..long..some might not notice, but to a trained eye......]

I cut through the bow and planed an inner bevel w
hich I roughed up with a rasp, and reglued it with plenty of glue, after realigning the lot using the laser and a set of guides on the remaining forms. 

I bunged the cut off stem back in after hacking it up to fit and banged a few staples in to hold it in place. 
I will have to glue on a cheater strip as it is a bit lower on one side, but at least it's true now! 
I haven't a clue what caused the twist in the mdf, maybe the transition from a different room. 


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