Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Liverpool Docks

A pleasant easy paddle with a group of friends from Liverpool Canoe Club, I took a tour around the Docks, setting off from Liverpool Marina Harbour Club slipway at Coburg Dock.

New iron work but old stone work which has withstood the sea and the bombs in WW2

At various points around the docks there are depth gauges carved into the stone; this one in Roman numerals is the only one I have seen, but there may be more. The water seemed to be around 20-22' in all the docks we paddled in

I wonder if these are the original timbers at the entrance to the Albert Dock?

The new bridge across Dukes Dock.

The Liverpool Waterfront has changed immensely over the last 5 years, not long ago the skyline was dominated by cranes, and the surrounding roads were a nightmare as the city struggled to finish work for the 'City of Culture' year. Three years on it is just about back to normal.
There are many pontoons around most of the docks to attract houseboat and barge owners, and the Marina itself is full of craft old and new.

One of the oldest ships in the Albert Dock.
The Liverpool Wheel and the Echo Arena.

And finally the most bizarre craft we saw all day..WaterWalkers..

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Will Herman said...

Looks a tad warmer than when I was there with Brian...