Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sedna coming together....Update 13th April

All the hatch surrounds are finished as well as the carbon fibre coaming.
A friend who is a carbon fibre wizard is moulding me a skeg box, and I am ordering bits and bobs from Karitek to complete the skeg system.
The deck and hull have been joined, and the bulkheads [one WRC one made from the cutout for the rear hatch! and 2 x Fomex ones] fitted too.
The hatch rims were glued on using Sikaflex 291..horribly sticky stuff!
I have built up a seat and cheek-plates from carbon fibre and glass mat, and have sanded down the seam and applied 3 coats of Goldspar varnish over the last few days.
On the scales the boat weighs 18.2 kg.

I have to admit to taking the boat to North Wales this weekend to try it out at Abersoch.
Initial impressions are that it paddles well; pictures of the finished boat to appear in the next few days....! [ 225 hrs]

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