Saturday, 30 January 2010

All pumped up!

Being at a loss for things to do boat wise, I decided after some thought and and advice from fellow paddlers on the UKRG to fit an electric pump to my kayak.

I fitted a Rule 5oo gallons per hour bilge pump which is connected to a 12v 1.3Ah sealed lead acid battery located in a housing in the day hatch. The water squirts up the hose and out of the white skin housing at the rear of the cockpit.

The small black box thingy is a Water Witch electronic switch which senses water between 2 stainless steel contacts, turns the pump on, and off 20 secs after no contact is made.
The battery should provide 38 minutes of pumping time, which will do me.
Total cost £48. In tests the system works very well.

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soundoftheseagull said...

Loads of respect for your skills as a man who messes up putting up a picture your skills are admired.
Where you at the Beacons the other week?
A big congrats