Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Stand by for Action!

Well thats the hard part done!

3 months and 13 days have gone by and from 21 metres of western red cedar decking I now have a brand new sea kayak, all varnished, fitted out , and ready to go on the water.

I got the Karitek skeg all plumbed in, and went for a natty blue and white choice for deck-line and shock cord. Hopefully sea / lake trials will take place this weekend, to get the seat and footrests in their correct places.

All loaded up and ready to go to Coniston Water in England's Lake District!

[That's where Donald Campbell died in 1967 when his craft Bluebird flipped attempting the world waterspeed record. I don't think I'll have the same problem..]

Now, what shall I make next.......


BG! said...

"Now, what shall I make next......."

Wouldn't some paddles be useful?

Dr Blug said...

I am going to make a Greenland style paddle, and also have orders for 5 more as well, so that will keep me busy for a few more weeks.

However, having been bought a £300 carbon fibre Euro blade for my birthday by SWMBO last year, I'll have to keep it under wraps!

Lakes this weekend?

I fancy trying Boat [for that is its name now] on Coniston on Saturday, weather permitting, with a slap up meal at the pub in Torver afterwards.

BG! said...

Sadly, my weekend pass has been revoked due to "circumstances", otherwise I'd have come along to see the maiden voyage.
Have fun.

LotC said...

I would have liked to join you 'cos I fancy a paddle, too. Unfortunately, I can't because I have a business trip to Eire next week.

Good luck with the launch, Mike.

ps - are you gong to any symposia this year?

Dr Blug said...

Hi Steve,
I'm booked onto the Anglesey Sea symposium, May Bank Holiday weekend, arriving on the Friday.
Hope to see you if you are there too, or can join up if you decide to come up campin for the hell of it.
Thoroughly recommend Blackthorn Farm Campsite.

Not cheap, but ideal for Porth Dafarch.


Fabio said...

bellissimo anche le linee sono straordinarie bravo!!

Dr Blug said...

Grazie Fabio!
Sono molto soddisfatto della mia barca!