Saturday, 27 December 2008

I have started so I'll finish...

I finally started stripping today. 
Now that the festivities are over and with the wife out at the sales,  I was feeling a lot better  so I went in to the workshop to give the forms a final check over to make sure they were true, and level and  decided to put the first few sheer line strips on....

They are the most important strips on the boat; if they aren't right all the other strips will look wrong too, so after the first 3 were on, I adjusted a couple of forms to fair out a hollow or bulge where something didn't look quite right before the glue set.

Finally I wrapped some masking tape to pull them together.

The ends are curving quite nicely, but I think I'll encounter a problem in around 6 strips time.

The ends are more pointy too; they finish further out from the end of the stem forms than I imagined but when they are trimmed back it should be OK.

Tomorrow I should be able to get quite a few more strips on. I'm not faffing around with Wood glue for the scarf joints any more. Cyanoacrylate from now on for speed. It cures much quicker, sands better and when it's encapsulated in epoxy will be fine.  I need more clamps too!

All the pictures were taken on my iPhone, so apologies for quality.

1 comment:

eurion said...

Progress is swift.
I am so impressed!
Does it go without saying that "airfix" was your fix when you were a wee lad?
Look forward to next installment.